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Finding my roots

Welcome! Your Reiki healing has begun!

My Reiki-infused website has already started healing you. This is where the magic begins! 

My take-your-life-back system is designed to help you take back your power, be free of any energetic entanglements, and have the life you are supposed to be living!

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Wes Coons

Reiki Master, Quantum Healer and Ho'oponopono

Wes is trained in various healing modalities so his ability to connect with and heal his clients is extraordinary. He also uses his psychic abilities to see and hear what work needs to be done. 
Wes continues to train as a medical intuitive, fine-tuning his ability to provide healing while removing pain and energy that no longer serves you.  


He specializes in healing broken hearts and looks forward to helping you raise your vibration and live your best life.


Every healing session is a unique experience, designed to help you feel lighter and joyful in mind and spirit.

Energy Session

Designed to clear any unwanted energy, reset your chakras, and help you feel rejuvenated.

SOUL/Energy Retrieval

A simply amazing session!  Feel the energy and power of who you really are. The focus is on collecting all the energy that you have lost over time and connecting it all back to you.

Mommy's Love

The loss of an unborn child is devastating and many times the energy of the baby stays with the mother after the loss of the child. In this session, I pull the energy of the child is released from the mother so the angels can take the baby home to Jesus.

No fee is set for this sacred healing session. If someone can not afford the session, I am not going to keep their child from God over a fee. The mother will have the opportunity to feel energy of her baby and I will channel the child so they may speak to each other.
This session is a love donation and you pay what you can afford or what you feel called to pay.

House Clearing

Do you feel your sacred home needs an energy shift or the house just feels off? There are several methods used to clear your home that can bring back that warmth and positive energy!
Inquire for pricing.

Long Distance Healing

If you live out of town or need help while on vacation, healing is still available for you or your whole family.
Inquire for pricing.


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